Fashion Renaissance: Veronica Leoni to Lead Calvin Klein’s Creative Vision

In a surprising and strategic move, Calvin Klein has announced Veronica Leoni, a highly regarded independent designer, as its new Creative Director of Collection. This announcement signifies a significant shift for the brand, renowned for its minimalist aesthetic and cultural impact, and marks a potential return to the runway for the first time since 2018.

Veronica Leoni’s debut collection, scheduled for Fall 2025, will encompass men’s and women’s apparel, underwear, and accessories. This collection is expected to premiere in February 2025 during New York Fashion Week. The brand has not showcased a live runway presentation since the departure of Raf Simons, the former Chief Creative Officer, nearly six years ago.

Expressing her excitement about the new role, Leoni said, “I’m thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to write a new chapter of the Calvin Klein story. For decades, Calvin Klein has epitomized bold self-expression, and I am eager to infuse it with a renewed emphasis on style and creativity. I’m deeply thankful to Eva Serrano for her vision and trust.”

Leoni, who will report directly to Calvin Klein Global Brand President Eva Serrano, also expressed gratitude towards PVH Corp’s CEO, Stefan Larsson. “My career has been marked by inspiring encounters with some of the most visionary women in fashion, and Eva Serrano is certainly one of them. I also want to thank PVH CEO Stefan Larsson for the amazing opportunity to celebrate one of the most influential brands in American fashion.”

The appointment of Veronica Leoni underscores Calvin Klein’s commitment to revitalizing its brand identity while honoring its legacy of innovative and bold design. As the fashion world eagerly anticipates Leoni’s debut collection, her unique vision promises to bring a fresh perspective to Calvin Klein, blending its iconic essence with contemporary flair.

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